Our team recently participated in a team event at the Michigan Escape Room, located in Washington Twp.  Out of the variety of rooms available, we chose the Cursed Room (based off of our love of Harry Potter!).  Our goal was to break the curse and escape the room before the time ran out.  Without giving away too much, we had to complete a variety of tasks, puzzles, and problems in order to move forward through the room.

 We were given one hour to escape the room, and were toldafter that this was the most difficult room to solve.  We were able to escape with two and a halfminutes left on the clock!

While also simply being a great deal of fun, the escape room proved to be a learning and team building experience for all of us. It took the entire team’s individual and collaborative effort to figure out the curse. We all had to work on tasks separately in order to be efficient, and then come together with our findings, especially as time ran out.  I viewed this exercise as a direct parallel to how our day-to-day work goes. We all work on separate tasks within our lanes every single day, and they are all part of a larger task or goal. Each one requires us coming together with our pieces of the puzzle in order to accomplish what we need to.  

It might sound cliché, but it takes a team and collaborative effort to see the best results. I am confident none of us would have been able to make it through the room without each other’s help. The Escape Room reinforced what we already knew: we have a pretty awesome group of people working together every day to solve problems!